Thank you for your attendance

Thank you to all the members of the community that came out to listen to the heartfelt stories on Friday night. The true MVPs of this event were the speakers who taught us that committing ourselves to changing a community’s mindset about how we treat women is very important. They also motivated us to advocate to judiciary services that more needs to be done to bring perpetrators to the law. Thank you Shelly GordonShaderel Cornet, Benjamin Ortega and Ardwell Irion… and other spontaneous speakers!

Here’s a highlight of the evening. Artist Charisse Piper reciting one of her poems…

Wie Ben Ik? (who am I?)

I forced myself up out of the belly of the beast
The beast of course being me

I struggled to create love inside
A self that contained no shelter
For the lonely
For the weak

I created a love big as a boulder
A love that could fill the Grand Canyon
A love that could heal itself after my own destruction of self
A love that could fill me

I fought against men armed with weapons
Formed to impale me
Fought against creatures that came to decimate

I built fortresses to guard my body
Against the elements crafted to destroy my very existence

I decided against everything that had decided against me
That I was going to win
That indeed I had already won
That nothing was too good to get me
Nothing fast enough to catch me
Nothing strong enough to hold me
Nothing that could utterly destroy me
Nothing that could withstand the love I had made unto myself
Nothing that could give more to me than I could give myself
Nothing or no one that could build me up as I’ve torn me down
Only to make myself stronger against me

I am the warrior standing undefeated after defeat

I stand stronger after having met the beast

I fought her off slaughtered her and left her to the vultures
May they devour her sour meat
She thought we were one and the same
But after seeing her for what she truly is

I decided it had to be me
Me and not her
That I would live
And by my hands I murdered that awful crying wimpy bitch within

I am crowned in my own glory
Bathed in defeated blood

I was the conquered beaten brow
Beaten back into a self I always was
Back into a self I would always be

I had to kill her to discover me
Uncloaked and amazing
A wonder to behold

I am beholden
By own magic
My own fierceness
Nothing better than me than me
Only me that could tame me
Only me that could free me

I am the doing that got done and did
The only thing living that could show you what real living is

I am his crowned glory giving birth unto selves overwhelming
Spirits burning bright on navy blue waters

I am the crest on the mountain
The one you can’t reach
Unreachable Unbeatable
Unmovable me

I have uncovered the indiscernible
That I am the remarkable
Adorned with blessings hitherto unknown to man

I am I am I am

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